Our Privacy Statement

Burstwick Doggy Day Care’s privacy statement, updated and published in July 2018.

The mutually agreed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25th 2018 and was designed to modernise laws that protect the personal information of individuals. Here at Burstwick Doggy Day Care, we are committed to protect your privacy by ensuring we comply with the EU general data protection regulations (2016/679). The following privacy statement aims to set out when and why we collect your personal information, what we use the information for, conditions under which we may have to disclose it to others and finally, what we do to ensure your private information remains secure. The privacy statement is relevant to day care customers who use our facilities, those who submit a job application to us and staff members working or who have previously worked for us.

We will collect personal information (data), during your initial consolation with us and when you use our services. We will also collect personal information when you interact with us, either in person, over the phone, via social media, via our website or by letter.

We collect and use personal data in order to provide a service. Similarly, we also collect data about our suppliers, our staff, those who enquire about working with us, partners (such as veterinary surgeries) and other external agencies.

The data we collect may be used for the following purposes:

  • To create a booking on our system so that we know when your dog is next due in.
  • To contact you or a third party in the event of an emergency.
  • To create an invoice for services provided.
  • To provide you with details about our service, including new services, promotions, competitions or upcoming events and activities. This is   providing you agree to receive such correspondence.
  • To contact you, either by message, mail or email when a payment is due or overdue.
  • To respond to queries submitted to us via our website, email, social media or the mail and continue to follow up those queries, as and when   required.
  • To respond to requests where required to do so by law, for example, for the prevention and detection of crime.
  • To process job applications.
  • To inform you of any disruptions to the services we provide.
  • To establish contact with you, in order to gain valuable feedback, such as through a survey, to obtain your opinion of the service we provide.
  • In order to pursue an overdue debt.

In order to fulfil our obligations and agreements with our customers, suppliers and partners, we must maintain an accurate record of the data we obtain.

This data is likely to consist of the following personal information: the customers name, address, telephone number(s), email address and similar contact details for an emergency contact. In addition to this, where communication is established via our website, we may obtain your IP address. Where a customer has called us via our phone number, regardless of whether the call is connected to a member of staff or not, an automatic record of the telephone number used to make the call along with the time and date, will be recorded. From time to time, we may record incoming or outgoing phone calls for training purposes. Where feedback has been left online for our service, we may collect it for use in promotional material, providing you grant us permission to do so. Further data may be obtained through documents you send us via the mail or electronic attachment.

Correspondence sent to us via any of our email addresses or via social media, may be read by any member of staff or a vetted third party, under our instruction, for the purpose of providing you with a prompt response. Any customer, supplier or partner requiring a private correspondence email address should contact us for details.

If you are an employee, we will maintain an up to date record of your full name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, marital status, previous employment, P45 from previous employer, national insurance number, any current additional employment, benefits received and student loan status along with bank details, in order to fulfil our obligations with the HMRC and to pay you.

There is no set retention period for your personal data. We will continue to maintain a record of it until there is no longer a need nor purpose for which to retain it. The need to retain it is dependant upon the circumstances from which it is obtained. In any case, the need to retain it is to ensure we are able to maintain contact with you, for example, where you are a customer or a service provider, so that we are able to resolve a problem, to comply with legal requirements under applicable laws, to provide evidence for any legal claims, complaints or insurance claims.

Data may be retained for a reasonable amount of time under these circumstances, even after your last interaction with us. When we conclude that the data is no longer required, we will remove it from our systems in a recognised and secure way.

Your Rights to Access

You have the right to access the data that we hold about you. You may request a copy of it at any time.

If the data we hold about you is incorrect or changes, you have the right to inform us and request that it be corrected in a timely manner. Customers are asked to provide any new information in person so that we can be confident we know who is providing the information and to reduce the risks associated with less secure methods, such as email.

You also have the right to request that we delete your personal information from our systems once we no longer have a reason to retain it.

Where there is a dispute regarding the accuracy or processing of your personal information, you may request that we cease processing your data.

If you no longer wish to receive promotional material from us, either via text, email or mail, you me request that we remove you from our e-marketing communications. Such requests should be made via our ‘contact us’ web form or in person. You will continue to receive messages, including notifications, reminders and service status messages in connection with the services we provide.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your privacy rights, you should speak to a member of staff in person so that they can put you in contact with the person with overall responsibility for your data.

Our website may contain cookies and something called ‘website navigational information’ (WNI). Cookies and WNI can be used to collect information via our website about the browser you are using, whether you are using a desktop or mobile phone to view it, the browser language, your IP address and what you do whilst you are on our website. The purpose of gathering such information is to ensure that you are automatically diverted to the correct page format, depending on your chosen browser. The reason for obtaining information on the actions you take whilst on our website, it to gauge how popular or relevant particular pages are. This information helps us understand how visitors interact with our website and how they arrived there. It may also be used to identify issues or where criminal activity has taken place. It is worth noting that between them, cookies and WNI do not identify you as a person and are commonly used on most websites without issue.

We understand that customers, suppliers and partners may be concerned about how we use their data. Therefore, we wish to make it clear that we do not sell, share, rent or trade your information with any third parties without your consent, unless it is for one of the following specific reasons listed below:

  • If required to do so by law, we will disclose your personal data, if we believe that it is genuinely required by law enforcement agencies, in the prevention and detection of crime. Or in order to protect our company’s right or in order to comply with a court order, judicial proceedings or legal process. Where this is the case, we will only provide your personal data in a secure, encrypted format or in person to the person making the direct request.
  • In the case of employees, we will pass some of the personal data we hold about you to our accountant, in order that he can carry out anti money laundering checks and process any money you are due.
  • Where repeated attempts are made to recover outstanding monies owed, we may pass your details to a third-party debt recovery service and/or solicitor.
  • Where your pet requires medical attention, we will provide the relevant veterinary surgery with information about you and your pet so that they can identify you as a customer and access medical records associated with your pet, that may assist with any medical treatment they administer whilst in our care.

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement at any time. The current version will always be available online, via our website. Should we make any significant changes that are likely to affect the way we maintain or share your personal information, we will notify you by email, in person, via the post or via our website prior to any changes taking place.

In the event that you wish to make a complaint, we ask that in the first instance, you speak to a member of staff and ask them to provide you with the details of the person who takes overall responsibility for the data we maintain. If you are unable to reach a resolution, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office by visiting ico.org.uk or by writing to:

Information Commissioner's Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




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